Youth Club of the Third Age!

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We have over 1,300 members and are now running about 85 subject groups in homes, halls, externally and on Zoom. See our list of Groups and our Calendar

When you say it out loud, the first two syllables of U3A sound like ‘Youth’. So, think of it as the Youth Club of the Third Age!

We are an organisation where retired or semi-retired people from all walks of life, and all ages – generally from their mid 50’s upwards – meet like-minded people to expand their knowledge, share interests and acquire new skills.

People of our age group have gained a lifetime of experience, expertise and know-how from our occupations, professions or hobbies. We are actively encouraged and helped to form study groups to share our knowledge with fellow members.

A shared interest in learning leads to new friendships based on an expanded social experience.

Members fully involve themselves by organising their own activities in a wide variety of subjects.

Many study groups meet in the Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Tring areas in members’ own homes or local halls, which adds an important social dimension. 

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u3a Dacorum was started on 16th April 1990. At the following meeting on 23rd April 1990 the first groups were formed: English Literature and Music. The first AGM was in 1991. We now have over 1300 members, who for a modest subscription can take part in as many study groups as they wish.

Members normally receive a quarterly Digest (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep and Oct-Dec) which is posted to arrive in the previous month. However, during Covid-19 it will be distributed via this website. Only members with no email or web facility will receive a printed version via post.  There is also a program of regular monthly meetings with a Speaker, held in Boxmoor Playhouse and Berkhamsted Town Hall.

U3A Dacorum is registered Charity No 1012612 and is financially independent, relying on members’ subscriptions for our income. Members pay £14.00 a year or £26.00 a year for a couple at the same address.

A meeting fee is paid at every meeting:

    • Monthly Speaker Meetings: £2.00 (Currently free, on Zoom);
    • Study groups in a member’s home: £1.00;
    • Study, activity or lecture group in a hall for most groups: £2.00 (a few are £3.00 or more).
    • Non u3a Dacorum members, including members from other u3as, may attend two meetings before joining u3a Dacorum.

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