Science & Technology – 29 January

Happy New Year to all our members.

Our first meeting for 2020 will be on Wednesday 29th January, beginning at 2 00pm at our usual venue of St Joseph’s Hall, Horsecroft Road, Boxmoor. It is now almost traditional for us to welcome Colin Richards from Watford U3A as the first speaker of the year. He has given us several informative and entertaining talks in the past and this time the title will be “Big Brother is watching you“.
The presentation will show how big data and machine learning algorithms are used by the major internet companies, like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc., to track our movements, sell us things, influence our votes and even modify our mood and behaviour. He will explain in a short introduction what the terms big data, algorithms & machine learning mean in this context.
This is something that affects all of us in our daily life and as usual, all are welcome to attend but enquiries should be addressed to

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