Camera Club – New Group

A new Group is being started ‘The Camera Club

This Group is run as a trial for 3 or 4 meetings and may continue if attendees require it to.
Run by a professional photographer.
It is aimed at those who have a camera (not a smart phone), can be an SLR or a compact with a fixed lens, and who wish to understand its features more. Learn how to use your own camera better, how to take pictures of various subjects and in different situations.
How to improve your picture composition and what makes a good shot.
Theory, presentations, Q & A and practical sessions.

Group meeting 2pm to 4pm
2nd Wednesdays, Starting February 12 Feb, then 11 March, 8 April, 13 May.

Meeting in Hemel possibly St Johns Hall

If this is for you please email as soon as possible, and watch Group News for further information.

Group Page: Camera Club