Music Appreciation – Classical

Spring / Summer 2020 programme:

19 March: Sue Frost: Birds in Music CANCELLED
2nd April: Peter Bennett: Bowen and Bridge
16th April: Robert Hoare: Schubert’s 8th (“Unfinished”) Symphony
30th April: Derek Watson: Fecund Decades of the 19th Century
14th May: Peter Bennett: Beethoven’s Patrons
28th May: Mary Bennett: Mahler – his Life and Music
11th June: Brenda Ashby: Brahms – a varied Taste of the Bearded Genius
25th June: Adrian Davis: Edmund Rubbra – Visionary, Mystic, Masterworks Creator
9th July: Jack Scrutton: Handel’s Oratorio – Israel in Egypt
23rd July: Sue Frost: Women Compose Great Symphonies Too!
6th August: Jack Scrutton: Bring Your Own

Previous sessions:
September 5th: Robert Hoare: Why the “King of instruments”? and Michele Hobden: Some lesser known French composers
September 19th: Mary Bennett: 20th. Century Russian composers
October 3rd: Jack Scrutton: So you think you know Old Tallywag? (video)
October 17th: Gavin Lee: The waltz kings
October 31st: Ron Glatter: Curiosities and rarities
November 14th: Peter Bennett: a programme all about Camille Saint-Saens
November 28th: Adrian Davis Monteverdi’s Vespers
December 12th: Various Seasonal music and fun
January 9th: Jack Scrutton: Bach in Leipzig
January 23rd: Sue Frost: Bring Your Own
February 6th: 1. A kaleidoscope of music; 2. RVW’s Tallis Fantasia revealed
20th February: Derek Watson: Fecund Decades of the 19th. Century
5th March: Ron Glatter: More Rarities and Oddities

Newcomers are welcome to join our friendly group, just turn up.

St Francis Church Hall, Beechfield Road, Boxmoor
Thursdays twice a month, 10 pm – 12 noon
See Digest for contact name.
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