Behind the scenes the committee works to provide facilities to all groups and members. To contact one of us, click here. While we wait for photos of the committee, they are listed below.

Committee Members (Trustees)

    • Chair: Tina Howard
    • Vicechair: Laura Rouse
    • Treasurer: Lesley Drake
    • Secretary: Mike Sapsard
    • Members: vacant
    • Groups: Alan Osborn
    • Digest: Barbara Egglesfield
    • Halls: Judith Murdock
    • Speakers: Jenny Thirlwell
    • Equipment and Webadmin: Terry Thirlwell
    • Chris Watson
    • Tim Thompson

Committee Helpers

Many jobs have to be done, and many hands make light work. Certain tasks have to be done by elected committee members (trustees), but many do not.

    • Minutes: Lorna Grimes
    • Members: Judy Baldwin (on a temporary basis)
    • New Members Liaison: Sally Merrison
    • Database: Peter Bushill
    • Refreshments: Laura Rouse
    • Copying and Printing: Judy Baldwin
    • Group News: Alan Osborn
    • Monthly Meeting Greeters: Judy Baldwin, Sally Merrison

It can be seen that some committee members do several jobs. It should be noted that we require a new Membership Secretary, and help is also required to keep the new website up to date and editing and entering new information as it arrives. If you are interested please contact one of the committee members.