Meeting Fees Update January 2024


In order to reduce the surplus that has accumulated over the last few years, the Committee has decided that there will be a ‘payment holiday’ from 1 January to 31st March 2024 for members attending hall and home meetings.

It is preferred that any expenses for refreshments that you wish to claim are carried over to your first return following resumption of charging in April. However, if you are unable to postpone your claim, then please fill in the usual return, with ‘NIL’ in the section for payments received and you will receive reimbursement.

During the ‘holiday’ period, we very much hope that members will be encouraged to attend the meetings and that groups struggling in numbers will receive new members.

We will also be looking at group incomes in the context of their hall costs during that period, because the intention remains to keep to the principle that groups are financially self-sufficient.

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