Fees Update


The Committee has approved an increase in meeting charges for Hall and Home based groups.

Hall Groups

    • Fees for groups currently paying £1.50 will increase to £2.00 per person per meeting.
    • Fees for groups paying £2.00 will increase to £3.00.

Please contact the Groups Secretary (GLO) to confirm the fees applicable to your meeting.

Home Groups

It is intended to increase fees for home group meetings across the board. Home meeting fees have not been increased for many years. The details are below.

    • From the recommencement of meetings the attendance fee will be £1, of which £0.35 is to be given to the host. Receipts are not required.
    • No expense claim for refreshments over and above £0.35 per head may be made at any time of year.

All Groups

    • Electronic submission of all forms and payments is preferred as is electronic communication regarding Group organisation. If this is not possible an expenses claim for Group administration e.g. postage (preferably receipted) may be submitted to a maximum value of £0.50 per Home meeting.
    • No claim for Group expenditure in excess of the above will be paid unless prior approval has been gained from the Committee and the expenditure is receipted.
    • Income and Expense forms and income must be passed to the Treasurer at 6 monthly intervals.
    • A return must be made as at the end of each financial year for 31st March
    • No float may be held by the coordinator; all income must be paid to the u3a.
    • No group consumables will be funded by the U3A. The U3A offers a free photocopying facility. If photocopies/magazines/games equipment/film rental/other consumables are required and the coordinator or group member wishes to recoup the cost they must make a private arrangement with the attendees.
    • No grants will be available for any purpose.
    • Methods of handling cash will be at the coordinator or hosts discretion.
    • There are new Attendance Registers and Group Income and Expense forms. Click here to find the latest forms.
    • If starting a new group or wishing to move to a different hall contact the Halls Secretary for advice and to arrange the hire.

Lesley Drake

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