Contemporary British History

Starting 19 March 2020 POSTPONED

Meets in St John’s Church Hall, Boxmoor
Third Thursday, 10:0 – 12:00
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Looking at the issues and challenges of Contemporary British History since the end of WW2.
So it will cover the lives of those who attend and who have their own personal histories of the period.
Starting with an overview of the period – up to 2020.
Key events; what happened; who did what; what changed. And then discussing some particular topics so we can compare what was learned – or not.
Why did Churchill win the war and lose the peace?
Where did the British Empire go?
Do we remember rationing?
What changed in General Elections?
Prime Ministers the Queen has known? (There was a very good play about these relationships a few years ago)
Wars we fought and wars we missed?
Do we remember where we were during the Cuba Crisis?
Were the 1950s as boring as people seem to remember?

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