Coordinator Admin Forms

General Admin forms, as per the Coordinators’ Handbook. Use these rather than the handbook forms. If necessary contact the Secretary for copies.

To edit the pdf forms: Save the file, edit the saved file, save the edited file and then email the saved copy to the recipient(s).

Your browser may allow you to view but not to edit the forms. If this is so try downloading the free version of Foxit pdf Reader. At the moment, we can’t find a way to edit a spreadsheet in a pdf. Until then the .odt will work for Microsoft Word, provided you keep it updated.

July ’21: As preparation for starting Hall Groups, we have generated a list of Risk Assessments from the Halls. As per the email, sent recently, to all coordinators, they are required to review those used by their groups and complete a Downloadable Post Covid Risk Assessment for Groups (Word).

Halls Risk Assessments – as of 16 July 2021

In case of accident:

The Coordinators’ Handbook is in the middle of a major revision. The old version is below. Beware that any fees shown there have been superceded. See the current fees here.

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