Covid: Keep in Touch


All meetings are cancelled, except those held online via Zoom or a similar application, and outside meetings specifically approved by the Group liaison Officer on behalf of the committee. A calendar of Zoom meetings can be seen here.


The Third Age Trust has issued the following advice:

Digest and Newsletters

    • The paper version of the Digest and any newsletters will only be sent to members who do NOT have internet access.
    • The eDigest version will be available on our website.
    • We request that anyone who receives the Third Age Matters magazine, but who does not really read or want it, lets members know so that we can cancel it. You will receive the next one anyway, because it is already ordered.

Group News, Facebook and dacorum Forum

We have two email lists for common communications. These are Group News, which not surprisingly covers news about the groups, and covers  and CAN, which sends out a wide assortment of quizs, jokes and assorted amusements. If you wish to join either or both of them then contact the Groups Liaison Officer via this form.

We have a Facebook group called U3a Dacorum. Click here to see it. You will have to register to use it.

We also have a bulletin board called Dacorum Forum for those who don’t like Facebook.

The Third Age Trust at has several projects that may interest you. To see everything you will need to register and login at the bottom right corner of their website.

Web Conferencing With Zoom

We now have three paid for Zoom Pro accounts and as many groups as possible are being given time on them. To see which groups have Zoom time go to ‘What’s On?’ and look in the ‘Calendar’. Each Zoom group account is shown as a venue – ‘Zoom 1’, ‘Zoom 2’ or ‘Zoom 3’. Hover over each meeting to see which Zoom account it uses.
Join sessions by just clicking on the link your Coordinator will send you. You can use your browser or download an application, which has better facilities. Click here for a Coordinator’s Zoom Guide , which deals solely with registering and logging in.
We have also put together a “Beginners Guide to Zoom” in an attempt to make it easier for U3A Coordinators & Members to have regular  “Scheduled” Zoom meetings.

The “Beginners Guide to Zoom” is divided into different sections:

    • Using Zoom on a Desktop or Laptop,
    • Using Zoom on a Tablet or SmartPhone,
    • Using Screen Sharing,
    • Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time.
Click this link to see the User Guide:  Zoom Users Guide

If you have not received any Group News emails recently please email members and  groups with your current email address.

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