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General Discussion / Dsiinfection
Last post by Gasman -
Apart from washing hands thoroughly, we have had little official advice on disinfection. Although we are self-isolating, we do receive parcels and have had friends dropping off food. I've been wiping off the parcels with diluted disinfectant (Dettol) but of course with foods that come loose, like apples and veg. that's not an option. I have seen somewhere advice to wash them in warm soapy water but I do wonder how effective that is, if at all. Have any of our members any postive and authoritative advice on what to do. Diluted bleach solution should work but what is the ratio of diluent to bleach? Don't by the way use Harpic or similar things: they probably would kill off the virus but as they contain hydrochloric acid at a moderate concentration, they would certainly sting your hands and don't above all, get them in your eyes.
Jokes / Lorry crash
Last post by Dennish23 -
Two lorries crashed near the new junction on the M1 this morning: one was carrying vic. The police said there was no congestion.
General Discussion / Re: Grocery deliveries
Last post by Dennish23 -
I think they are all snowed under. The government said they were working with the supermarkets but that has all gone quite. The government had to change some rules so that the supermarkets could work together but I have not seen any sign of that. I have had to go to Sainsbury between 8 and 9 am to get groceries.
If you can exist on frozen ready meals then Oakhouse were taking order yesterday.
Rules / Our Rules
Last post by admin -
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General Discussion / Grocery deliveries
Last post by Gasman -
Many of us are self-isolating for reasons of age and underlying health problems. We therefore do really depend on the delivery service from supermarkets or elsewhere for our essential groceries. Lyn and I are lucky in having booked a slot with Tesco (for two weeks hence!) and can hold out that long but it seems impossble to book further slots.

Irene has already posted the difficulty of getting through to Sainsbury who have allegedly given priority to people like us. Has anyone any advice on how to get messages through to the relevant supermarkets that we are unable to visit them for shopping?
General Discussion / Coronavirus
Last post by Mike Sapsard -
I received some relationship advice from one of my buddies. He said I should treat my wife like I did on our first date.

So yesterday, I took her out for dinner and then took her back to her parents!