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Apart from washing hands thoroughly, we have had little official advice on disinfection. Although we are self-isolating, we do receive parcels and have had friends dropping off food. I've been wiping off the parcels with diluted disinfectant (Dettol) but of course with foods that come loose, like apples and veg. that's not an option. I have seen somewhere advice to wash them in warm soapy water but I do wonder how effective that is, if at all. Have any of our members any postive and authoritative advice on what to do. Diluted bleach solution should work but what is the ratio of diluent to bleach? Don't by the way use Harpic or similar things: they probably would kill off the virus but as they contain hydrochloric acid at a moderate concentration, they would certainly sting your hands and don't above all, get them in your eyes.