1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

New members are not being enrolled at the moment. Expect the doors to open again in late February or early March 2021.
The fees show below may then be subject to change.

Our rules are that anyone can attend two meetings to see what we do, before becoming a member. Everyone, even a visitor, has to pay the normal meeting fee, which is 50p for homes and £1.50 for most halls. (Some halls cost slightly more.)

We have two annual membership fee levels:

    • The single membership fee is £14 for 2020.
    • The joint membership fee is £26 for 2020 (sharing Newsletters at the same address).

Joining up is easy, and there are two ways to do it:

    • Pay by cheque: Complete form and send with a cheque payable to U3A Dacorum to our Membership Secretary. All of the details are included on the joining form.

Click to download application form.

    • Make a bank transfer: Complete and email the application form, then make the bank transfer. Note it is essential that you complete the details correctly, or we will be unable to match the transfer to you.

Click to download application form.

Just download and save the form you need. You will then be able to edit and fill it in with any pdf editor, such as Foxit or Adobe. Once done, you can save it again and then email it to Don’t worry about signing it, because your email address is unique and counts as a signature in this modern age.

Remember to send any cheques or cash by post!

Gift Aid

The instructions are included on each form. Should you wish to include Gift Aid, click here to download the ‘gift aid’ form.

Privacy Statement

We only use your data to manage the contract we have with you. We pass data to:

    • The membership card producer, so that they can put your name on it.
    • The Third Age Matters magazine, so that they can deliver it to you.
    • The Digest printer, so that they can post it to you.
    • HMRC for tax purposes.

If you are a group coordinator, we will provide you with a dedicated group email address and also ask you which, if either, of your name and phone number you wish to have displayed. If neither, we will refer members to the Digest.

We check the privacy statements of all of the website tools we use and only use tools that do not collect data about you. Download our Privacy Statement here.

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