Member Self Assessment

As the Government relaxes the Covid restrictions and given the success to date of the vaccine roll-out, we will be helping groups to reopen. This is a new situation for all of us and we will need to proceed carefully. We all owe a responsibility to each other to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and have become accustomed to the “Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air” precautions.

We ask everyone to think about their own personal health circumstances before attending any u3a gatherings. In particular: IF YOU CAN ANSWER ‘YES’ TO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS, DO NOT ATTEND MEETINGS:

    • Do you have any symptoms of Covid-19?
    • Have you been in touch with someone who has had Covid in the last 14 days?
    • Are you or anybody in your household at greater risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19?
    • Will the activity you are planning to attend present any adverse risk to yourself?

If you have any concerns then please do not attend any u3a meetings, as you would not want to place yourself or other members of your group at risk. We are sure that you will understand why we are making this request and thank you for cooperating.

If you do develop Covid-19 symptoms within 48 hours of attending a u3a meeting, please advise the Group Liaison Secretary.

We recommend that you consider bringing your own hand sanitiser, mask if required by government guidelines, and any refreshments you might need if the venue is unable to provide catering facilities, to all u3a events.

You will be asked to add your membership number to the attendance register so please have it to hand.

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