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Northchurch Social Centre, Berkhamsted
doors open 09:45

Mark Lewis

“The Sentinels of the Sea,
The History of Lighthouses”

Mark’s passion for lighthouses began in his childhood years. Mark is a long-standing member of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers and serves on its committee as Education Officer.
During the last twenty-five years, Mark has enthusiastically shared his professional interests and hobbies by giving talks to Probus, Rotary, Wls, U3As, National Trust Associations, art and historical societies, antique clubs, luncheon clubs, church groups and other community organisations.

Sentinels of the Sea is a general introduction to “pharology” -the study of lighthouses and other navigational aids.
The talk will discuss the prototype – the Pharos of Alexandria, and the evolving history of lighthouse construction, methods of illumination, operation and maintenance, the lives of the keepers, including some of the extraordinary heroic stories associated with them.

No fee to be paid

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The meeting will be hybrid, if you wish to participate on Zoom, use the link that will be supplied in the Group News closer to the date.
If you experience difficulty with the sound, turning on Captions, at the bottom of the Zoom screen on a PC or by clicking on More … on an iPad, should assist greatly.

Northchurch Social Centre                                        
Bell Lane

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2024 Dates
5 February                            Hemel: Chen Tsui – Scams and Fraud avoidance
4 March                                 Northchurch: Mark Lewis – The History of Lighthouses
8 April                                     Hemel: Mike Beech – The Livery Companies of London
14 May                                     Hemel: Judith Karbritz – Behind the Cameras at the Movies
3 June                                       Hemel: Amy Reynolds – My Life in Embroidery
1 July                                         Hemel: Lindsay Whitehouse – My Life in Prison
5 August                                  Hemel: AGM plus Paul Barwick – The Poison Umbrella Murder
2 September                          Northchurch: Jeremy HolmesByron
7 October                               Hemel: Mike BarbakoffBletchley
4 November                          Hemel: David BurnellUnderground Art
2 December                          Hemel: To be confirmed

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