Outside Risk Assessment

    The Dacorum trustees assess every hall that we use for safety and general suitability. However, they cannot assess outside activities. The coordinator must check their intended outside activity is suitable and safe, and must complete the form below.

    Please select 'Yes', 'No', or 'NA' with the radio buttons for each question.

    When you have completed the form, a send button will appear. After sending, you should receive an acknowledgement that contains the information that you sent.

    Group Overview:

    Before the activity:

    Have you taken account of any current guidance, from government or U3A committee, regarding precautions due to health concerns?

    Have you provided the following information to prospective group members:


    Nature of activity?

    Any entrance fees?



    Whether it is a linear or circular route?


    Heights and climbs involved?

    Level of fitness required?

    Identification of any ‘break off’ points (e.g. if members feel unable to continue)?

    Appropriate footwear & clothing?

    Toilet and refreshment facilities en route?

    What to bring: food, drink, compass, map, mobile phone, folding chair?

    Are dogs permitted?

    Meeting point?

    Public transport options?

    Car parking facilities?

    Need for attendees to carry emergency telephone numbers for next of kin, and relevant medical detail?

    On The Day

    First Aid

    Identified any first-aiders? (Emergency Services to be called for any accident.)

    Briefing Before Starting Out

    Route and Location?



    Known hazards?

    Emergency Arrangements: illness, exhaustion, accident, weather problems, terrain problems, lost contact with group?

    Prepared to advise inadequately equipped walkers not to go, but they must make the final decision?

    Appoint a back marker?

    During The Activity

    Stay at the front, but make sure you can always see the backmarker?

    Set an appropriate pace for the walk or activity?

    Check the route frequently

    Periodically count the number in the group?

    Please answer the security question. Use single word answers.

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