Restarting Groups

We plan to restart outside groups as quickly as possible. Inside groups will have to wait until government guidelines allow them. The criteria boil down to the items below.

  • Government guidelines: we must observe these.
  • Individual safety: People must decide for themselves whether it is safe for them, given their personal circumstances.
  • Group Safety: Coordinators must assess their activity and take precautions to avoid any hazards. This includes making sure that individuals have assessed their personal risks. Most of our activities are relatively sedentary and do not require more than basic precautions, but the consequences of taking something nasty home should be be considered.
  • Insurance cover: We must meet the Third Age Trust requirements to ensure our activities are covered by insurance. These include obtaining the initials of attendees, and keeping a Track and Trace record for 21 days.

Our current detailed guidance for outside groups may be downloaded from here.

The check list for coordinators may be downloaded from here.

The revised attendance sheet for coordinators may be downloaded from here. This has a place for attending members to initial to show they have considered and accepted any personal risk.

A slide show can be downloaded here.


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