Italian Language & Culture

St John’s Church Hall, Boxmoor, HH
2nd & 4th Thursday, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Members of this group have a good working knowledge of Italian and an interest in all things Italian. The aim of the group is mainly to practice the language but there is some structured language work and grammar practice. We make use of the Internet to listen to clips from films, interviews with authors and other cultural items ranging from cookery demonstrations to holiday destinations.

If you join this group you will need to put in some time at home to prepare for the class and we prefer people who are regular attenders. Preparation might involve revising from a grammar book, reading some pages from a novel or an Italian newspaper or preparing a little talk about what you have been up to with your family or your leisure interests. There are sometimes occasional visits from mother tongue Italian speakers. The group is conducted in Italian and people contribute at their own level. We sometimes have paired conversation work on prepared topics and occasionally members give short talks on their travels, literary, musical or cinematographic topics. Not surprisingly people say that real learning takes place in an atmosphere of humour and friendliness.

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