We intend to send a Newsletter to all members as often as we have something useful to say that will fill a few pages. They attempt to catch the flavour of the Digest and are listed below..

August 2020 Newsletter: Newsletter August 2020
October 2020 Newsletter: Newsletter October 2020  (Shows all Zoom group details)
December 2020 Newsletter: Newsletter December 2020
July 2021 Newsletter: Newsletter July 2021
October 2021 Newsletter: Newsletter October 2021

Currently we have over 60 groups meeting face-to-face, while there are still a few using zoom, and you can see which they are by looking at this news item. Get more information by and clicking on ‘What’s On?’ and ‘Calendar’. While you are there please look around and see if we have anything of interest, such as the photos submitted to the photo competition. Hemel Hempstead is far better looking than most of us realise.

I hope you enjoy the Newsletters.

Mike Sapsard

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