Monthly Meeting – 4th March 2024

Northchurch Social Centre, Berkhamsted
doors open 09:45

Mark Lewis

“The Sentinels of the Sea,
The History of Lighthouses”

Mark’s passion for lighthouses began in his childhood years. Mark is a long-standing member of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers and serves on its committee as Education Officer.
During the last twenty-five years, Mark has enthusiastically shared his professional interests and hobbies by giving talks to Probus, Rotary, Wls, U3As, National Trust Associations, art and historical societies, antique clubs, luncheon clubs, church groups and other community organisations.

Sentinels of the Sea is a general introduction to “pharology” -the study of lighthouses and other navigational aids.
The talk will discuss the prototype – the Pharos of Alexandria, and the evolving history of lighthouse construction, methods of illumination, operation and maintenance, the lives of the keepers, including some of the extraordinary heroic stories associated with them.

No fee to be paid

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The meeting will be hybrid, if you wish to participate on Zoom, use the link that will be supplied in the Group News closer to the date.
If you experience difficulty with the sound, turning on Captions, at the bottom of the Zoom screen on a PC or by clicking on More … on an iPad, should assist greatly.

Northchurch Social Centre                                        
Bell Lane

Parking at the centre   OR
500 bus from Marlowes stop H – Ride 21 Stops to Darr’s Lane, walk 6 minutes
Buses are every 30 minutes: 10 to and 20 past the hour, return 12 and 42 past, but check

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Monthly Meeting – Monday 5th February 2024

Boxmoor Playhouse, HH

Monday 5th February, 10:00
doors open 09:45
Presentation – 10:30

Note: duration 90 minutes

Chen Tsui Hertfordshire Police:
Scam and Fraud Avoidance

Every year, the British public loses billions of pounds to fraudsters. With scams ranging from the simplest confidence trick to the most sophisticated high-tech online fraud, it pays to keep up to date with the latest news and advice.
You may already know some of the tricks they use, but the rise of the internet means new ones are being invented all the time, and huge amounts of money can be taken.
Whether it’s dating fraud, banking fraud, identity theft or even people knocking on your door, find out more about fraud, its many types and how you can report it, from Chen Tsui, Cyber Prevent & Protect Officer of the Hertfordshire Police Serious Fraud and Cyber Unit.

No fee to be paid

The meeting will be hybrid, if you wish to participate on Zoom, check the Group News nearer the date for the link

Contact: Groups via this link (select addressee: Groups)

Boxmoor Playhouse
72 St John’s Rd
Hemel Hempstead


Parking round the Moor   OR    55 – 57 Park Road, HP1 1JS
500 bus from Berkhamsted Town Hall  to St John’s Church, walk 10 minutes
Buses are every 30 minutes: 21 and 51 past the hour, return 10 to and 20 past the hour, but check

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Web Conferencing using Zoom, Skype & Jitsi etc.

Web Conferencing

Even though the major threat from Zoom seems to be passing on, a few groups are still using Zoom, either for the entire meeting or as a “hybrid” meeting, i.e. some  members physically in the venue, others at home, to allow “less mobile” members to attend.

We now have two U3A Dacorum Zoom Accounts set up. (Zoom 1 & Zoom 2)

We have also put together a “Beginners Guide to Zoom” in an attempt to make it easier for U3A Coordinators & Members to have regular  “Scheduled” Zoom meetings.
The “Beginners Guide to Zoom” is divided into different sections:-
Using Zoom on a Desktop or Laptop,
Using Zoom on a Tablet or SmartPhone,
Using Screen Sharing,
Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time
Click this link to see the User Guide Zoom Users Guide

It is intended to assist all U3A coordinators to setup a Zoom video conference, or U3A Dacorum members to Join a Zoom meeting when invited by a Coordinator.

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