Coordinator Essentials

As a Coordinator, your first point of contact is the Groups Secretary. Click here to email them.


The Coordinators’ Handbook, which is required reading for all coordinators, has been updated. Many of the old rules have been simplified. Click here to download it. If you have a tablet and prefer an A5 version, then click here to download itRevised June ’23

Your Group’s Web and Digest presence

Every group is shown in the Digest and on the Website in the Calendar and the Groups’ web pages. They also have their own web page. To have your personal details shown in the Digest download, complete and return the Coordinator Signature Form.

Please click here to  ensure that they are kept up to date.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments must be completed before starting or restarting any group.
Pdf files will immediately display on any device, but must be downloaded and edited in a pdf editor.
Docx files must be downloaded and can only be read via a word processor.
Web forms can be completed online and sent by clicking the ‘Send’ button at the bottom of the form.


Many forms have been updated as editable PDF forms, so that they can be edited on a PC or Tablet. To edit them: Save the file, edit the saved file, save the edited file and then email the saved copy to the recipient(s).

Your browser may allow you to view but not to edit the forms. If this is so, try downloading the free version of Foxit PDF Reader. At the moment, we can’t find a way to edit a spreadsheet in a PDF. Until then, the .odt will work for Microsoft Word, provided you keep it updated. To avoid spending money on a later version of MS Word, LibreOffice is a very effective replacement.

In case of accident:

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