Speaker Policy

This policy is intended to come into force when groups return to hall meetings. In the interim, coordinators may continue any private arrangements they have with their groups regarding speakers at zoom meetings.

The u3a is a self-help mutual learning organisation. However, it is recognised that external input may be required to progress learning. Third Age Trust advise that use of external speakers is justifiable so long as the group itself pays for these extra speakers without support from the u3a funds.

Note the continuing Dacorum u3a Policy: ‘All net funds collected by groups belong to the u3a’. Group attendance fees must not be used for any other purpose.

Speaker Policies

    1. Groups may use wider u3a, commercial, free, or charity speakers but must adhere to the u3a Dacorum speakers policies and, at the coordinator’s discretion, engage no more than 4 non U3a speakers in any membership year.
    2. Funds collected for speakers must be recorded in the u3a accounts and the Treasurer must pay the speaker invoice.
    3. Each coordinator may choose to either:
      • Apply a speaker supplement to the normal attendance fee at every meeting. The speaker supplement income must be reported on the Group Meetings – Income/Expenditure form.
      • Collect lump sum payments from group members periodically and submit to the Treasurer with a Group Meetings – Income/Expenditure form

Requests for speaker related payments (from the Speaker Fund) must be made using a Committee/Coordinator’s Expense Claim form. The treasurer will pay by bank transfer, all necessary information must be included on the form together with an invoice and expense receipts if possible.

If the speaker is from another charity or the speaker wishes their fee to be paid to another charity, the speaker must accept the fee made payable to them and pass the fee to the charity themselves.

Speakers from another U3A may receive agreed expenses only. These must be agreed in advance.

Small gifts/lunches for any speaker are at the discretion of the coordinator but must be paid for by the group.

Speaker Fund

    1. The group’s speaker fund must cover all costs associated with the speaker including hire of a different venue if necessary.
    2. No speaker, venue or speaker related costs must be committed to unless the costs are already covered by the group’s speaker fund.
    3. Receipted small gifts/expenses/lunch for speakers may be paid from the group on the day by collecting an appropriate amount in excess of the normal attendance fee or using the speaker supplement collected on the day, without going through the Treasurer. Use of ‘on the day’ payment must be recorded on the Group Meetings – Income/Expenditure form. The normal Group income cannot be used for this purpose.
    4. Alternatively if the group wishes to use their speaker fund for the purpose, it must be recorded via the Committee/Coordinator’s Expense Claim form.
    5. Attendees from other u3a’s may be invited to speaker meetings but they must pay the basic Dacorum u3a attendance fee, a speaker meeting supplement and be recorded on the Attendance Register.
    6. Prospective u3a Dacorum members may attend up to two trial meetings at which they must pay the basic Dacorum u3a attendance fee, a speaker meeting supplement where appropriate and be recorded on the Attendance Register.

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