The Walking group covers various locations in the area, usually walking about 6-8 miles.
Usually 4th Tuesdays, 9:30 am. Normally finished 12:30-1:00.

If you would like more information, please contact me, email group099@u3adacorum.org, (Telephone number is in the Digest).

It is important that until Covid regulations are removed that only preregistered members attend the walks. The Covid related information is below.

General comments

This document describes the basic risks for walk run by the U3A Dacorum Walking group.

It is meant to be used in association with extra analysis provided with the detail for each walk. This detail will include the start location, walk length and severity. It will also note any extra risks such as narrow paths.


  • It is up to each member to ensure that social distancing is maintained.
  • The walk will, as far as possible, use wide enough tracks so that conversation is possible while maintaining the appropriate distance.
  • The group size will be limited by using a booking system. Members who are not booked on a particular walk may be excluded.
  • A face mask should be carried, it does not need to be worn unless there is a problem requiring it.
  • Members should consider carrying hand sanitizer for use when traversing styles and gates.
  • Members should travel to the start in accordance with the government rules.
  • Members who have symptoms of COVID, should not come on the walk.
  • By having the email address (and telephone number) we can be compliant with ‘Test and Trace’.

Walk conditions

  • The walks will mainly use footpaths and will be 6-8 miles in length. It will normally start at 9:30 on the 4th Tuesday of the month.
  • There will not normally be any thick vegetation to traverse.
  • However, there are often muddy parts so that walking boots are recommended.
  • There is usually a stop made in the middle of the walk. Members are recommended to bring a drink and possibly a small snack. (Many members bring a banana as the snack.)
  • If there enough walkers to warrant it, walkie-talkies will be available to allow the leaders to keep in touch with the following groups.


The notice of the walk (on the website) will not contain the start location but will have a reference to a ‘Doodle Poll’ where the user can book on to the walk. A confirmation email with the location will be sent to the booked members.

If the member is ‘new’ to the walking group (not walked with us for 2 or 3 years), please email the coordinator on group099@u3adacorum.org, before booking. Please include your full name, telephone number and membership number.
If you are not already a member of U3A Dacorum, you can still join us on up to 2 walks before you join. Without the email address, I cannot contact you.

To join a walk  you must apply to the coordinator by clicking here. The group number is 099.

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