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How to navigate

Use the Menu Bar to navigate. For instance to see what we do click on What’s On? and then select from the drop down menu.

To see where we hold events or which groups meet at a particular venue, click on Calendar and then on View all venues and select the one you want. To look for a particular subject, click on View all categories. To just look through all the groups, click on the Groups menu item and they will all be listed. Hover or click on one that you are interested in to see more detail.

The Sidebar allows you to search for events by venue or category.  Just click on one to view more detail.

We have a Web Page for every Group, which can be accessed via What’s On? > Groups. Select the Group name and then click the Group Web page link. The Group’s Web page  can be updated with information from the Group Leader. To submit information to be added to a Groups Web Page, use the form on the Contact Us page.


If you send an email using one of the built-in forms, you will be required to answer a simple question. This is to defeat spam bots that try to collect email addresses and then flood them with junk. We have also installed Spam Assassin software, which inspects all incoming emails and helps to block spam and malicious messages. Each Group Leader has an Email client behind the scenes, from which we forward their group emails to them.

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